The 10 Rules of Buying & Selling Furniture Online

If you are planning on purchasing or selling furniture online you have to be familiar with the 10 rules first! Read this article and discover the 10 commandments of purchasing & selling furniture online!

Before clicking the “buy now” button and purchase a new chair or sofa for your house or before listing your dining table for scale, read these 10 tips you should keep in mind when buying and selling furniture online!

  1. Shop Locally – If you shop locally – the closer the product is to you, the faster you will receive it. And also, you will pay less for shipping.
  2. Measure twice if needed – Before adding a certain item to your shopping cart and before clicking the “buy now” button, make sure the item will fit in your house.
  3. Patience Write a list of what you are looking for and check various sites until you find the item you want to buy at the best price.
  4. Avoid cash transactions – All transactions that are made with cash don’t usually offer buyer protection and sometimes they could even be a setup for a theft. We recommend you to use secure systems like Square or PayPal.
  5. Do a thorough research – Check out the website’s return policy and the reviews from the individual sellers before you decide to buy. By doing so, you will protect yourself from fees and additional costs.
  6. Sell at Informed Prices – Keep this rule in mind – don’t price your item based on what you spent on it. Instead, check what the item sells for new and set a price that will motivate the buyers.
  7. Make it easy to find – Always include the item’s age, manufacturer, and other important information you know about the product you sell. All potential clients search by keywords, so make their job easier and allow them to locate your product faster.
  8. List qualities buyers can’t see – If you are truthful about the flaws and the qualities, the customers will appreciate that.
  9. Safety is crucial – If the local potential customer wants to see your item in person, try to meet in a public place. After all, the safety comes first.
  10. A good picture is worth 1000 words – Make sure to add as high-quality pictures as possible. Nothing will sell your item more than a series of detailed photos.

Are you now ready to buy or sell furniture online?

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