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5 Tips Every Art Seller Should Consider

Interested in selling your art products online? Read this article and discover more about how to sell your artwork and discover the 5 most important tips every art seller should know when selling online!

Let’s face it – the Internet today offers incredible opportunities for professional or not so experienced artists who want to connect and network with fellow artists, gain exposure, and successfully sell their clear. However, it is more than clear that it takes more than just a talent and creativity to succeed in the online world.

There is a lot of competition in the online world, which means that you need to give your absolute best if you want to become a successful online art seller. You need to offer quality products, you need to offer realistic and affordable prices, you need to target the right audience, and etc. There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind if you want to achieve success.


5 Tips

There are 5 tips you need to consider:

  • Determine Your Online Strategy – As you probably know there are many ways to promote your art products on the Internet, so the first step is to analyze and research your options properly. There are many e-commerce sites and platforms where you can just promote your products. Etsy is one of those platforms where absolutely anyone can list their artwork. Etsy has a large base of customers from all over the world which means that with the right online strategy you can easily achieve the success you want. The sellers on Etsy are responsible for their own shipping and marketing.
  • Finish Every Piece – You should know that there are no shortcuts when it comes to the presentation of your art products. Art that is finished and well-constructed with care will stand out from the crowd and will elevate your career and business success. Aim for the highest quality materials you can afford.
  • Promote your Artwork with Professional-Quality Images – One of the most important factors when selling art online is presenting your work and your products with professional-quality images. This means that you need to include images of the front and sides of the product. After all, the images represent your products. The better the images the greater the interest will be for your art products.
  • Exhibit a Consistent Body of Work – Whether putting together a portfolio for a marketplace website or applying to a gallery, it is highly recommendable to choose a consistent body of work. We know that you are probably tempted to present a variety of pieces so you can demonstrate your talent and your diverse skills, but these type of collections may look scattered and your potential customers and buyers may not be able to understand your style. You can present five or ten pieces that are part of the same product line. This will make your portfolio look more professional and thought-out. For example, if you want to start a furniture store, having a great portfolio will attract more loyal customers and give you an advantage to start off your business.
  • Write a Fascinating Story – When purchasing art online, customers seek to make a personal connection with you or your products by reading your story (information, details, and notes about your work). A good story can help close a sale or lead to something more engaging such as building a base of loyal and long-term clients.


We hope that these few tips can help you find your own place in the online world. The important thing is to stay consistent and follow your plan!